Shabdasahishnutva or Hyperacusis

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WHEN THE WORLD IS TOO LOUD.... Shabda sahishnutva which is an abnormally strong reaction to sound, occurring within the auditory pathways, in levels that would not trouble a normal individual and is similar to hyperacusis in modern science. For people with, the everyday, normal sounds that most people hardly notice suddenly become irritating and painful. Often the most disturbing sounds are sudden, high-pitched noises, such as alarms, bus brakes, the clanging of silverware and dishes, children's screams and clapping. Prevalence of such condition is 10 percent in population. There are many reasons responsible for such condition. Ayurprevencia clinic rules out the causes and treat them accordingly. We treat them with ayurvedic medicines and panchkarma. We advice them a few diet changes and also particular exercises, yoga postures and pranayama. Ayurprevencia Clinic decides the type of treatment and duration of treatment based on the severity of the symptoms. Shiro abhyang, nasya, kawal, full body massage are the common treatments conducted at clinic. We prepare and treat with the required medicines with purity and authenticity. So don’t wait, communicate with doctors from Ayurprevncia Clinic, Pune.